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Vikram Review: Once upon a time, there was a ghost… and thus Lokesh Kanagaraj’s journey into the Vikram realm begins.

Vikram Review
Vikram Review,

To understand the meaning of this ghost, see Kanagaraj’s prequel Kaithi, in which a team of cops commanded by Bejoy (Narain) bust and seize drugs worth Rs 840 crore belonging to drug peddlers Adaikalam (Harish Uthaman) and Anbu (Arjun Das) with the help of an ex-convict named Dilli (Karthi).

Vikram picks up where Kaithi leaves off.

A group of masked guys kills narcotics cop Prapanjan (Kalidas Jayaram), who is part of Bejoy’s team.

Karnan (Kamal Haasan), Prapanjan’s adopted father, is similarly kidnapped and shown to be killed by a bunch of masked men in a grenade attack.

A crew of undercover agents commanded by Amar (Fahadh Faasil) is hired by police officer Jose to disclose the identity of these murders and establish a link between the serial killings of top-ranking officials (Chemban Vinod).

Amar’s investigation leads them to Santhanam (Vijay Sethupathi), another drug trafficker who will go to any length to protect the recovered drugs.
If Kaithi’s goal was to go to Adaikalam, Vikram connects him to the original kingpin, Rolex, whose name is enough to send shockwaves through his soldiers.

The action-adventure drama puts you on a high-octane journey filled with bullets, cold-blooded encounters, and more.

Kanagaraj caters to the audience’s expectations of the mega-star thriller, from the swaggering arrival of ulaganayakan Kamal as Vikram to the utilization of tattoos, song preference, and situational humor in building Santhanam’s fashionable character.

Vikram Review

Vikram weaves a visual extravaganza with mass appeal out of swag, story, and screenplay.

It’s a wonderful delight to your senses to see some of your favorite and best actors from Tamil and Malayalam films square off as black, white and grey characters.

Vikram Review
Vikram Review, Photo:

FaFa puts up our collective delight in one scene, during a phone chat with Kamal: ‘Big fan of your work, sir.’

If the first half of the film piques your curiosity, the second half delivers twice the action and masala.

Just when I thought the female cast couldn’t get much better, I got a pleasant surprise.

The five-minute martial arts sequence in the second half, directed by an unknowing agent Tina dressed in a sari, merits a standing ovation.

Other Aha! moments include a biryani demonstration by Tamil YouTube phenomenon Village Cooking Channel.

The background score by Anirudh Ravichander is pulsing.

Vikram is a manly blockbuster with plenty of whistle podu moments that shouldn’t be missed at the multiplex.

S S Rajamouli is to Telugu cinema what Karan Johar is to Bollywood. Lokesh Kanagaraj is to Tamil cinema what Karan Johar is to Bollywood. With a dream supporting cast, he has given Kamal Haasan the best comeback in a long time.

Kanagaraj, as usual, saved the best for last.

Suriya enters the scene in the final moments of the film and makes the best cameo, suggesting an interesting Part 2 for Vikram.

What about Dilli now that we know who Rolex is?

When will he return and tie the great plot together?

Adaikalam is the only one who knows!

We waited two years for Vikram after Kaithi. So, how long is this break going to last?

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