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Bernie Madoff The Monster of Wall Street: For Netflix, Joe Berlinger has transformed his filmmaking career into a docuseries production line. Bernie Madoff movie review one of the forerunners of the true crime documentary is the filmmaker of “Brother’s Keeper,” which is outstanding, and “Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills,” which is extraordinary. And Netflix, which has produced branded series like “Conversations with a Killer” (which has highlighted Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, and Jeffrey Dahmer), “Crime Scene,” and others, clearly recognized his potential (which has detailed the Cecil Hotel, The Times Square Killer, and the Texas Killing Fields).

I miss the Berlinger who could occasionally dazzle with a masterpiece like “Metallica: Some Kind of Monster,” but it’s clear from seeing his most recent, “Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street,” that he enhances the real crime docuseries for Netflix. Even while it isn’t as visually appealing as his serial killer exposé, it manages to simplify a highly complicated topic. The enormity of Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme has never been more skillfully set out, and Berlinger even goes so far as to blame the several individuals who chose to remain silent while it was taking place. Pretty much everyone is aware that Madoff was a selfish crook.

Bernie Madoff movie review

Bernie Madoff built a business that would become Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities in the 1960s by beginning with penny stocks. As his business expanded, Madoff added a number of very well-known clients to his clientele and frequently traveled the globe to entice the rich into entrusting him with their money. The issue? He was in no way investing it. Many con artists use their schemes to cover up bad investment practices, but Madoff was more audacious, physically pulling money out of the market to pay Paul and not investing a single penny.

Bernie Madoff movie review
Bernie Madoff movie review, Photo: IMDb

Amazing examples of how they would pull this off include utilizing the stock data from the day before on statements and manipulating printouts when the authorities came to inspect them so they didn’t look recently produced. A hot document from a line printer was formerly placed in the refrigerator for a short period of time so that it wouldn’t be so fresh. It’s amazing and shows how Bernie didn’t do any of this on his own. He would be unable to accomplish this.

Experts and witnesses tell the story in “Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street,” with a few too many recreations for my taste, but this is admittedly dry material that Berlinger and his team try to make more interesting here. The Wizard of Lies author Diana B. Henriques, who evidently knows this tale like the back of her hand, is given a ton of time during interview segments, which is wise. She is skilled at providing all the information required without making it seem like homework.

She shares the justified rage of the majority of those engaged in a system that fell short on so many levels. Madoff should have been arrested a ridiculous number of times; at times, it appeared as though he was committing crimes right in front of everyone. Instead, the government disregarded the whistleblowers who tried to bring him down.

This four-part series’ concluding chapter focuses on the tragic consequences, including what it did to the Madoff family tree as well as the numerous investors, even the successful ones who had withdrawn funds that the authorities tried to recoup. “Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street” turns into a warning story, showing us that greedy criminals don’t always operate in the shadows.

Sometimes it’s directly in front of a spotlight that’s so bright it renders anyone trying to stop it blind.

Bernie Madoff movie cast

Cast & Crew

  • Robert De Niro. Bernie Madoff.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer. Ruth Madoff.
  • Alessandro Nivola. Mark Madoff.
  • Nathan Darrow. Andrew Madoff.
  • Kristen Connolly. Stephanie Madoff.
  • Lily Rabe. Catherine Hooper.
  • Hank Azaria. Frank Dipascali.
  • Kathrine Narducci. Eleanor Squillari.

Review screenings of the entire series. premieres on January 4th on Netflix.

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